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Essential Elements of Successful Zoning Codes 

Over the past 100 years, zoning regulations have become increasingly complex and sometimes difficult for property owners to understand and interpret. This increasing complexity is making it more difficult for residents to understand their city’s plan for the future and how it will specifically affect their property or neighborhood. In this session, we explore proven organizational elements, content, and publishing techniques that have helped communities ensure that their zoning codes are accessed and clearly understood by users.

On Demand

2020: What Just Happened?

The pandemic forced us to take a different approach to business-as-usual.  In this webinar we share lessons learned, what worked well, what needs attention and what is already being planned for the next time we are faced with an emergency situation.

On Demand

User-Centered Zoning

The user-centered government movement reflects changing public expectations regarding readability and service delivery of zoning regulations. In this session, we explore how to author and update user-centered zoning codes, and how to employ user-centered processes and technology that narrows the growing gap between complex zoning regulations and how they are communicated to the public.

On Demand

Engaging the Public in Virtual Meetings

Have your meetings transitioned from in-person to online?  Join us for tips to help you facilitate an efficient, engaging and interactive meeting.  We will share tips about how to connect with attendees before, during and after the meeting.  We’ll demonstrate the use of built-in tools like polling, Q & A, and hand-raising.

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